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Physical sciences investigate the material members of the universe. Probiotic Space Sciences concentrate on a given aspect of a discipline by immersion in Probiotic space centers of the universe.

The underlying principle is that a particular thought is the cause of a particular physical act or a series of actions following it. Therefore, preceding the creation of mass (Big Bang), a conceptual blue print of life (latent thought forms) came into existence1.

The dimension space-time is decoupled and the two are defined independently. Space is postulated to have a cellular structure that has a property called space density.

Entities exist in space and space exists within the structure of entities. However not all entities occupy space. Constituents of the universe are divided into two classes. Class 1: Those that occupy physical space. Class 2: Those that do not occupy physical space. Phenomenon of The Cantilever Effect is postulated to be a bridge between the two classes.

A Master Code governing the expression of organic material (genetic code) and inorganic material (cosmic code) is hypothesized.


Physical sciences are involved in the studying of a given area of a discipline by measuring and examining it from the outside, in an investigator-subject relationship while maintaining a distinct line of separation. Brobiotic Space Sciences encompass the practising of a given area of a discipline by immersion from the inside. One practises a discipline by "living" it and by unifying with the intricacies and getting intimately involved in them. The specific procedures prepare the investigator for exceptional insights and rare glimpses of working interdependencies among the constituents of an area of the discipline, even intuition of "something" brand new or unimaginable under normal circumstances. It is particularly suited for detailed analytical work in physics, cosmology and psychology where an intense concentration over prolonged periods is focused on esoteric concepts in hard to visualize forms. A "moment of rare brilliance" is but a tiny island in a rough sea of mediocrity.

If the progress of the realization of new knowledge can be roughly sequenced into: imaginary (concepts), literal (planning), intellectual (maths, experiment, evaluate, accomplish), experiential (living) and realizational (make real) stages, with the degree of engagement running from decimal one (.1) to one (1) from left to right, the methods of physical sciences operate in the space of the first three phases, whereas Probiotic Sciences operate in all five. The methods of Probiotic Space Sciences, in this sense, go beyond where physical sciences leave off.

A few simple seed-ideas are postulated.

  1. Anything which has not existed before in some form or state cannot, ever, come into being in any state or form (law of conservation).
  2. All motion is a movement of the space occupied by the object. Interactions of force-bearing quanta are interactions of space bodies occupied by them.
  3. "Objective time", does not exist as a real quantity. An infinite number of discrete v's (incrementals for v1 to vinfinite variables) are in progress simultaneously throughout the universe, from microevent to microevent, standing immutably on their own. At best, the concept of "objective time" is an artifact, a false reference contrived to keep track of events on a scale that doesn't exist. It is a deadweight around space. It is a deadweight around science, leading it into a blind alley.
  4. A course of movement by a particle along a rigid "straight line" in a two-dimension or a three-dimension space is not possible.
  5. Every process is inherently cyclical in nature. Each iteration ripens some attribute which may not be obvious at first (Cyclicity Principle).
  6. A number of 'languages' are available for the expression of original thought and results from observed events.
  7. Processes underlying intelligence - including the shell it pervades, and the processes underlying the evolution of the physical universe are similar. Connection points exist between the two for a transfer of "something" by induced effect. (The Cantilever Effect3) (Figure B)
  8. Human body occupies and displaces physical space. It is a complex of electro-chemical manufacturing and processing plant influenced by an infinite number of physical and extra-physical factors, both, from within and without.
  9. Human intellect-ego-memory-mind-consciousness conglomerate (IEMMCC), that is, intelligence, does not occupy physical space. It is the most sophisticated signal gathering and signal processing facility known in the universe.
  10. The thrust of the primal energy in man is downward and outward (ardhwa:evacuation). It is possible to reverse the direction for certain periods to upward and inward (urdhwa:sublimation).
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The discipline of Probiotic Space Sciences is founded on the principle of oneness16 of all the constituents of the complex of life and intelligence embodied in the human form or any other form, vertical or horizontal, with the life force pervading it as they all embody and capture the probiotic space field as opposed to inorganic matter occupying the physical space.

The oneness is rooted in the Master Code governing all constituents of nature, both, organic and inorganic. The Master Code may be thought of as having two components. The workings of the Genetic Code governing biological processes in life forms is well known. The other part of the Master Code, the Cosmic Code, relates to how the original fundamental particles and permissible combinations (atoms and molecules) first arose in space. Cosmic Code sequences control the arrangement of physical space density cells to say, express a particular quark or an electron as shown below.

space density cells makeup matter

Although the physical universe and the living human form, seemingly, are two disparate entities, at the fundamental level the reality is a unitary organic whole, in which the living constituent part with intelligence can be brought to bear on itself and the constituents of the remaining other, the latter appearing as a separate conglomerate of matter and energy in an endless embrace of space, devoid of intelligence and signs of life from our vantage point on earth. It is like the eye observing the big toe or the mind contemplating a far off galaxy in the sky. It appears to be an arena involving two "unequal" partners. The intelligent partner needs all the resources she can muster.

The principles and working methodologies underlying Probiotic Space Sciences are applicable to studies and investigative effort in any discipline. However, current focus is centered on "unfathomable" applications in the disciplines of cosmology, physics and psychology. In this sense, Probiotic Space Sciences become an indispensable tool in the study of the origin of the universe, the "impossibilities" of quantum mechanics and the complexities of intelligence and consciousness.

This approach to examining the intricacies of the universe is possible because, the conceptual blueprint of intelligence (life) and the first stirring of the physical mass came into being at the same moment1 from common roots, the one mirroring the other and sharing one very important element. The motive force, the originating mechanism did not just initiate the process and then disappear, she stayed around and pervaded all elements of its creation at the minutest level, both, living and non-living. This reality ensures the interconnectedness of all forms of life anywhere in the universe and all other non-living things like matter, energy and space, linking them in mysterious ways and providing channels of flow for very low-energy or subtle effects. This reality also imbued all elements of the universe with a dynamism to act, interact, learn, adapt and move forward (evolution). At the fundamental level, every physical and subtle process going on in the physical constituents of universe has a counterpart in the human form and, vice versa18. Yes, there is a correspondence in the human form to even a black hole! (shown on left) If the original mass was born out of nothingness, so were intelligence and the living forms.

Black hole

One great benefit of this sameness quality is that by studying a part of the whole, garnered facts can be adapted to apply to the whole (cosmological symmetry). Since the non-living elements of the universe don't have the requisite intelligence to undertake the task of understanding the intricacies of the universe, the work falls on the shoulders of the human being. He is curious by nature and asks questions. He has amassed a bagful of survival tricks and specialized skills to know his environment and adapt to it. His brain has grown and he has become, both, inward and outward looking.

She has seen the wonders of nature on her planet and senses the underlying forces are similar to what at times she feels on the inside. Nature is about revealing but it is also a mantle, blurring the underlying reality. She has seen splendid sights in the sky, far off beacons of light, moving, vanishing and reappearing in mysterious patterns. Here too, she senses the underlying reality to be like what she feels on the inside.

She has decided to investigate the forces at work in the universe by first understanding herself. Who am I? I am a breathing, feeling, thinking being. I have a keen mind, a superb intellect, an ego (hum!) and a consciousness to boot. But what am I? I know that if I find the answer to that question, I can apply the knowledge to any subject, any place in the universe. This is the basis of Probiotic Space Sciences.

A bit of history

About six years ago I found in ancient Sanskrit writings references to centers of "soonya"(Probiotic Space bodies) along the cerebrospinal complex of the human body and beyond. "Soonya" literally translates to 'void' in English. I have managed to locate and activate a few of these centers during Probiotic Space Science investigations. This paper is based on realizations during sessions over the past ten years. My conviction is that "soonya" in the human physiology, somehow, are phantom spaces of densities equal to those of some phenomenon in space or vice versa. A very low level revelation from the physical world may be induced into the human "soonya" if conditions are right and the effort persistent on the part of the investigator (Cantilever Effect3).

A case in point. Meditating on a "soonya" is utterly delicate as it vanishes easily. If I do it right, I feel a suggestion of a clockwise twist in it. On another day, it is a well-defined stronger counterclockwise movement. On another day, the strong rotation in either direction shifts its plane of rotation from horizontal to vertical in small gyroscopic precession movements and stays upright and moves up. This may or may not happen at any one of the six "soonya" I have managed to awaken and identify so far.

Prototype space After about a year of these revealing perceptions, I got the distinct impression that this movement is related to the Cantilever Effect projections emanating from the solitudes15. The phenomenon has a bearing on breathing nostril dominance - a quantifiable entity with three indicative parameters, in itself an important indicator of the onset of energy flows during a study session. The roots of the phenomenon go way back to an early period within the launch of the universe ( Figure C).

In addition, a rigorous regimen with a commited dedication to purpose is required to make progress.

Master Code

Master Code governs all constituents of nature, both, organic and inorganic. It may be thought of as having two components. The workings of the Genetic Code governing biological processes in life forms (Probiotic Space) is well known. The second part, the Cosmic Code, relates to how the original fundamental particles and permissible combinations (atoms and molecules) first arose in physical space. Cosmic Code sequences control the arrangement of space density cells to say, express a particular quark, an electron or the negative and positive charges in an atom.

A certain configuration of space density cells constitutes a negative charge. This configuration exists in the makeup of an electron's space density cells. Similarly the configuration for positive charge exists in a proton's space density cells. Without the presence of either configuration, the space body of an entity remains neutral.

space cells of electron  space cells of quark space cells of proton + and - charges

Space density cell arrangements of gradient vectors constituting an electron, up and down quarks, a proton and positive and negative charges. Colors and solids denote different densities.

All quantized quantities are expressed by the sequences in the Cosmic Code. Because the conceptual blueprint of Genetic Code came into existence first, the Cosmic code is latent in the former and the two together form the Master Code. Hypothesis is that further research will unveil, at some level, relationships between configurations and patterns of organic expressions such as enzymes and proteins and say, those of stars and galaxies. It is postulated that a viable equation linking the two domains exists and is awaiting discovery.

Seed-ideas 7,8 and 9

I am not a mathematician or an Einsteinist in the sense of the highly developed cosmology paradigm in vogue in the academic circles of today. But I do consider myself to be a very serious cosmologist and a meditative physicist who has been studying the subjects at hand for well over 591,300,000 breaths and 2,365,200,000 beats of my heart, measures for tracking progress I use in preference to the so called "time". (Galileo used his "pulse" to measure the swing of a lamp in the Pisa Cathedral in his famous pendulum experiment).

My methodologies and tools are intellectual-experiential, based on a blend of teachings from the old books and modern science, involving breathing techniques to sharpen mental focus followed by tuned concentration on the specifics of the subject under study. This is complemented with literature searches and NASA reports on the subject to gain an understanding of where experimental science is going and what may be some of the recent findings and paradoxes or anomalies.

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Soonya or Solitudes

Space density bodies for class 1 entities may be referred to as physical spaces. In class 2 entities they are referred to as soonya or solitudes. Soonya literally means 'void'.
Eight(8) soonya are defined of which seven(7) are located in the physical body, anchored to the nervous system along the spinal chord, from the region of cauda equina upwards. Each soonya extends into the body like an irregular contiguous band pervading the anatomy (1*) at the minutest level. The eighth is above the crown and is deemed endless. Each soonya is a discernible, feelable void with a pronounced concentricity reaching inward in it which at times may appear as a tiny image of a vortex with a black center. Once awakened and contacted at its fixed location in the body, an unmistakable pressure wave associated with it can be manipulated in either direction within the range to reach other solitudes.

Quantification of the physiological parameters associated with each soonya is done with the aid of EEG, EKG, EMG and REG plots. Differences in active and at rest plots yield good values which are amenable to standard statistical tests. Future nanotechnology designs may offer invasive placing of telemetry devices at strategic locations within the solitudes.


All knowledge of things, their properties and characteristics, that can be known (knowables), including all thought, came into being at the moment the universe began to form - the archives. Since then no new knowledge is being made; through enquiry and cognition we simply move the existing piece of knowledge into our consciousness. Now we know. How does this come about? The mechanism is based on the simple fact that "consciousness" is an integral part of each basic building block of every piece of a knowable, may it be for a particle, an entire galaxy, the whole universe or an abstract thought. This subtle point is worth noting. The piece of knowledge, simply, is made real from the objective consciousness - the archives - into the subjective consciousness (realization). This is the cognitive process involved in the assembly of a given piece of knowledge by the human mind and intellect. If "consciousness" was not an integral part of the piece of a knowable, we will never get to know the knowable for it doesn't exist.

Thus the building block of a knowable is a quantum of knowledge with a quantum of inherent consciousness. I am (conscious), for I know. Another way of describing this phenomenon may be that the student projects her "consciousness" on to the subject knowable. This is the original spring head of duality from which all other dualities in the universe take form.

This process when finely tuned between an investigator and the object of her study constitutes insight, revelation, an eureka moment. An encounter with nature is an experience, an episode of enquiry and cognition - a general definition of science. It can be done with meekness in the mind or with an attitude of arrogance. Therefore there are two types of science, science born of meekness and science born of arrogance.

Over the sourse of practise sessions a student gathers her own unique set of standards and tools which are then employed during following study session. Some of these are:

A vertical shaft of brilliant light about eight-ten inches long; a vertical shaft of black stillness of about the same length; a slightly hooked brilliance about the size of the human thumb; two tiny round patches, one white and the other black about the size of a pinhead; a large number of brilliant, highly polished, flawless diamond crystals, each about one centimeter across in size, and on rare occasion, a still flame representing 'jivatma' - reality of the living spirit, appearing at a site near cauda equina.

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Methodology and procedures

In ordinary circumstance, the thrust of the primordial energy in a human is in a downward and outward stance(ardhwa:evacuation). It is a desirable objective to reverse the direction of the primordial energy for certain periods to the upward and inward (urdhwa:sublimation). This is the principal "first" objective of the votary. Specific exercises are designed to achieve this stage.

From a collection of fifty-one seed-sounds - quantified by frequency and power distribution by Fourier transforms - a few are defined for a person. Each sound has four levels: articulated, mentally uttered, sub-mentally formed and subtly exerted. Underlying the levels is a continuous inaudible hum, called dhwani, which provides the building blocks for articulation. These levels correspond to negative space density regions, immediately to the right of the zero mark on the Space Density Field Spectrum diagram, from where strong force Cantilever Effect3 projections or probes reach outward.

Seed-sounds are compounded into sound clusters and sound constellations. When directed with varying emotional intensity at individual solitudes (Probiotic Space bodies) within the physical body, strong responses are gained by the Cantilever Effect3 projections.

Specific procedures involve breathing rhythms and a mental application of seed-sounds, clusters and constellations to regions within the solitudes, while a specific detail of the object of investigation is held in the mind. The objective is to direct strengthened cantilevers at the universal consciousness and knowledge archive, which is present everywhere in space (space density less than zero).

Time in Probiotic Space Sciences

The unit of period10 used in Probiotic Space studies is one human breath, a seemingly simple unconscious physiological cycle everyone follows to stay alive. Upon closer examination, a breath cycle turns out to be a complex sequence of flexible sections which provide an expert investigator with literally hundreds of period-lines and intervals in which socalled 'time' can be stretched, compressed or stopped altogether, as desired. This expertise, once mastered by the investigator, offers unmatched reaches into the intricate internal physiological processes and levels of energy flow, which are then harvested to collect a desirable effect.

The breathing cycle

Figure shows the plot of an ideal breath, a state one attains after some training and practice. The inspiration and expiration periods are equal and the holding period is about twice as long. The shown inspiration style indicates a compression of 'time', while the expiration style indicates a stretching of 'time'.

During the inspiration period, particle decay rate will accelerate. During the expiration period, particle decay rate will slow down and during the middle period, when exercised, the particle decay rate may come to a standstill.

In a common untrained breath, the expiration thrust and volume of air expelled are about 30 % greater than in the inspiration period on account of altered gas composition ratios and the holding period may be missing. In unattended shallow breathing, these conditions get even worse.

Variations in breath period sequencing are achieved by:

  1. Altering the inspiration and expiration period ratios
  2. Breaking the inspiration period into sectioned sub-periods
  3. Breaking the expiration period into sectioned sub-periods
  4. Altering inspiration from very slow to sharply thrusted steps
  5. Altering expiration from very slow to sharply thrusted steps
  6. Combinations from two modes 4 ad 5 above
  7. Varying the duration of the holding period
  8. Positioning the holding period anywhere on the unit period line
  9. Altering the total length of the unit period line
  10. Creating rhythmic patterns
  11. Other valid combinations from the list above
These combinations of healthful, alert and deliberate breathing styles prepare the practitioner's mind for the onset of Brobiotic Space Sciences processes.

Quantum mechanics of universal consciousness and knowledge solitude
Nowhere else on the space density field spectrum, do the processes parallel the physical quanta-waveforms behavior as they do in the composite consciousness-knowledge solitude.

Constituents of all knowables have to have had previously existed in some state or form to satisfy seed-idea no.1. Simply put, if it doesn't exist in some state or form, no amount of research or other mental effort can induce the returning spur of the Cantilever Effect projection to bring it into anyone's consciousness. Let's hypothetically define a basic building block for knowledge, that is, how by using these blocks specific knowledge about a thing or a process is assembled by the individual mind and the individual intellect together, and brought into a person's consciousness as a whole. If a person is aware of a piece of knowledge, it follows that appropriate neuron impulse patterns7 in appropriate neural pathways in her brain have been played out. This piece of knowledge could have come from an external source through the five senses via the brain to the individual mind or via the Cantilever Effect projections to an internal process of the Probiotic Space Sciences or via a conscious recall of the individual memory. The key point to note is that consciousness is implicit to each building block of every piece of a knowable, regardless of where the building block originates. This coexistence or duality, as some call it, is played out in the intellect-ego-memory-mind-consciousness (IEMMCC) complex of the person, just like the quanta-waveforms behavior of the particles brought about by the interaction of the observer's space-density field with space-density field of the electron's wave function, thereby collapsing it8.

(If you close your eyes and look inward into your IEMMCC, after some practice of concentration, you'll discover that you can only perceive either the awareness of a 'thing' or the image of 'thing' itself, but not both at the same time. It is a split phenomenon.)


It appears that the integrity of physical laws is called into question as motion and size of mass drastically reduce in magnitude. This is the chasm between relativity and quantum mechanics. Class 2 entities are further down on the energy scale from the low-energy waveforms of quantum mechanics. It is only reasonable to expect another chasm between the small magnitude of quantum particles and so-low-in-energy-as-to-be-subtle or imperceptible magnitude of class 2 entities.

The key point to note here is that without Class 2 entities, Class 1 entities don't even come into existence!

And hence the rai-son d'être for the supremacy of the Probiotic Space Sciences.

Ravi Sadana (Retired: Dept. of Psychiatry, University of Toronto)
Meditator, thinker and author
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* Available at homepage of the site

1. * The implications of this reach within the body on the practitioner's health are very real. Statistically verifiable positive results have been noted in the prostate, ovary, colon and IBS areas. Prospects for a promising future in the prevention, well-being, maintenance and successful aging areas as a cost-effective and self-managed model appear bright and need further study.

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