The Principle of Feminine Spiritual Primacy

"The Eternal Feminine draws us on." Faust, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a German poet and playwriter.

"More light!" Goethe's last words!!


Throughout history, in most cultures, the truth of the strength of feminine spirituality has been prevented from rising to the surface. As if that was not enough, most religious institutions and governments persisted in building a male-dominated society in which the women were relegated to the background. They were taken for granted and even ridiculed by most men.

They continued to give birth to, nurture and cultivate a family environment without which men would not have been inspired to become the icons they became in the same society. This speaks to the truth of the principle itself, for, barring the odd quirk of nature, each woman embodies the essential elements of the very essence of spirituality, the basis of life itself. An intimate rapport with her vessel called body, modesty and shyness, difficult to see at times, but always there, are her natural endowments.

Consider the word 'Woman'. It is inclusive of 'Man' as in "Wo'man'"

Goddess Goddess There are ample biological underpinnings of this argument.

Intuitively, most men feel the presence of spiritual energy all around them. They also know that women, by nature, have a deeper connection with it than they do. And they endorse this idea whole-heartedly. Political, social and economic clouding of the issues notwithstanding, man's unceasing fascination with the intrigue of woman throughout history confirms this fact. Physical allure is the visible part of the whole affair. The feminine nature of spirituality first disarms men. Then it charms them to express their inner virility as their progeny. They want to become a father first, a husband later. No matter what tactic or social language man uses to attract a mate, his basic yearning is to soak in feminine spirituality, which finds expression through his emotions, in most cases, conforming to the customs of his culture. Some men describe the yearning as an uncontrolable urge to desolve and become one - a replay of the gestation period when they were one. This fundamental yearning in a man's heart is watered down to an emotional language with which we are all too familiar. The popular ritual, aka marriage, has been the raison d'etre for most, since the dawn of civilised society on Earth.

But for those whom destiny has predisposed for the rarest of miracles, the relationship can also be nurtured entirely on the Spiritual Plane. This path requires special training, perseverance and an irrevocable commitment that may even threaten their lives under certain conditions. But the rewards cannot be imagined by any one or described in any language. They can only be experienced.

You may find it hard to believe that the roots of this truth are buried in the very creation of the universe, before the Scientific Big Bang event.