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  1. teacher
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  3. artist
  4. altruist
  5. questioner
  6. parent
  7. protector
  8. giver
  9. taker
  10. curious
  11. self-motivated
  12. thinker
  13. understanding
  14. liberal
  15. practical
  16. leader
  17. follower
  18. serious
  19. difficult
  20. forgiving
  21. selfish
  22. careful
  23. carefree
  24. friendly
  25. cultural
  26. private
  27. secretive
  28. dependable
  29. mechanical
  30. self-starter
  31. decisive
  32. doubter
  33. sincere
  34. procrastinator
  35. professional
  36. generous
  37. tight-fisted
  38. jolly
  39. lucky
  40. critical . . .

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  1. Mountain
  2. Stream
  3. Tree
  4. Unity
  5. Duality

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