The Three Verbs of Being
Writing Samples

'With each trip he was being pulled deeper into the labyrinth of change at the minutest level. Unknown to him, primal rhythms were taking root in the core of his being, around which his nervous system would resonate later in life with biological responses and extrabiological sublimations . . . '

' . . . . didn't see Rod's hand reach up for the whistle cord, but presently he heard the sweet, melancholy murmur tweak off the stone wall in receding pulses. A shrill persisting timbre came chiming into his ears and then a loud splatter of spent steam gurgled out, shattering his benumbed hold. He heard the frothy hissing of water hitting a mass of burning coal. Waves of ash-laden, hot, stinking steam struck his face in succession, choking his nostrils . . . .'

'This was how Ram Dave was introduced to the community of monkeys at the Jakhu summit. He was convinced that the monkey had played an important part in showing him the way to the old temple . . . being viciously temperamental, the monkeys were quick to react to the nature of feelings in the hearts of visiting people. To illustrate his point, on Sundays, he would give a demonstration of his relationship with the monkeys. People from all over came to the Hanuman temple to witness the performance.'

'Mrs. Prior, the experiment I have in mind needs your cooperation. Today when you nurse Belinda, please make sure that the young monkey mothers can see you clearly. That means you have to nurse her the way the local pahari women nurse their infants, with no inhibition and in full view. If the mother monkeys are to respond , they have to be able to see your breasts and your baby's lips. There is a reasonably safe . . . .your privacy will not be threatened.' Shona was taken aback when she heard Ram Dave's words. She had had no idea that the experiment was such a risky one. She had never nursed Belinda in the open and for her to expose her breasts to the monkeys! How immodest!

'A superphysical vehicle aligned with the axis of her being and she felt spiritually captivated by Ram Dave. An aura of confluence filled the air around her . . . a powerful unifying force enveloped her. . .was whirling around in the eye of an imaginary hurricane and soothing, cosmic forces . . . dissolving in her body. . . . She realized that she had made a connection with a magnificently benevolent vehicle and that Ram Dave had something to do with it . . . .'

'The umbilical cord connected to my navel. I was not drawing blood from my mother. This cord reached out to the Infinite Placenta, the source of feminine shakti in the universe. That's why I get so charged up that I'm ready to soar like a bird. I'm beginning to fathom the source of my spirituality . . .'

'Tara had been born with no outer ear flaps on the side of her head, yet her hearing was acutely sensitive. She possessed the very rare gift of clairaudience. She could foretell the coming events around her village because she heard them beforehand - a phenomenon called Akashvani.'

' Then gradually there would descend on him from the inside , faint and harmonious whispering notes, like strings being struck and rubbed in unison, undulating, now close at hand and ringing clearly in his eardrums and then ebbing, receding into the far distance, becoming barely audible. Strings quietened down and a chorus of keys striking metal objects would come rushing in and a multitude of bell sounds with changing pitches would clearly sound in his ears.'
Where were they coming from? He concentrated on his ears.

Rashi took leave and started for the front steps. He could see John, Shona, Margaret , her friend Jill and other British people standing in a circle on the street. An official-looking man, with his back to him, was talking to them. He walked around the group to take a look at the man's face and recognized him immediately. He was the official from the viceregal secretariat who had evicted him from the viceregal jamboree . . . '

'The forces at work here go beyond the physical and the emotional worlds as we know them. It will be very difficult for a British mind to comprehend the nature of the mystical experiences my wife has gone through to reach the point where she is today. I feel that I have no right to dissuade her or to obstruct her from pursuing her chosen path.' John Prior stated while within him his heart bled. . . . . people had the God-given right to seek their own paths for spiritual fulfilment.

'It is not an entrapment.  Kundalinis only conjugate after both mates have reached the point of irrevocable commitment. We have made that commitment. During co-meditation, the state of absolute euphoria can confer a more intimate feeling of fulfilment, without any physical contact, than you and I ever experienced in our most passionate moments together as husband and wife.'  John looked up at her in disbelief.

'I get so deeply absorbed that within the minute my eyes close. It pulls my consciousness inward and I fall into a dream state. Minutes later, when I open my eyes, I'm saturated with a sense of dissolving, a feeling of psychological wholeness, as if I've slept for hours. On the surface the oral act seems to be for nutrition, but the real effect is deeper, culminating in a realization of the mother-spirit, by yielding to a craving for infancy.'

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